Universal Works "Works" is part 3 of a series of short films, an insight into the people connected to UW in their everyday roles. 

"Works" is a series of short films all about the individuals that encapsulate what Universal Works is all about. They’re experts in their respective fields, masters of their craft and are all connected to Universal Works in one way or another. Whether that be a friend, customer or someone we’ve met along the way, we wanted to capture them doing what they do best in their everyday roles. 

Tim Allen is well known for his translation of the Vietnamese novel ‘The Song of Kieu’  by Nguyễn Du. Ever since it exploded into Vietnam's cultural life two centuries ago, The Song of Kieu has been one of that nation's most beloved and defining central myths. 

‘I’ve known and not known Tim for many years, which means I’ve known of him as a mate of a great mate, and always when his name came up, it was as a huge Liverpool fan not as a writer. Not until he was attending an event to receive an award for his book and needed some advice on “looking the part” did he discover his love of Universal Works and I discovered his writing skills, realising great football fans can also be great writers!’ - Co-founder David Keyte.

Universal Works had the opportunity to chat and film Tim Allen in his home town of Liverpool, which is where most of the book was written.


Film by creative Robin Hughes