/ˈleɪbə/ noun, especially physical work.

2.A repetitive, satisfying series of actions and a means to an end

Coming from our ΕΡΓΛ embroidered Heskin Sweat, a Greek word that translates directly to labour, the mini lookbook looks at cyclic motions, all-over prints and functional design, with styling for the summer months in mind.

For this spring's collection we wanted to create our first mid-season lookbook, giving a different take on SS14. 

We photographed the lookbook in our local laundrette. It is a dilapidated shop, full of scruffy plants, with an overpowering smell of detergent and overbright yellow lighting that felt nauseating. This undesirable location worked and was perfect in its honesty. We wanted the imagery to parallel the choice of location and feel genuine, so we shot with available light only, which made for interesting problems for our photography expert Jamie to solve.

With authenticity in mind we decided to ‘shoot as found’ within the location, not moving anything in the laundrette, which made things really interesting when the laundrette got busy and baskets started appearing left right and centre. The shoot was Robin's first time directing and styling multiple models, which he found really fun coordinating and we think made for some really dynamic imagery. Everything in the shoot is still available in our stores and online so why not update your wardrobe for the upcoming summer months.

Check out the mini lookbook over on ISSUU